Reality's Edge

These have been culled down to the select few that don't look too terrible. Most are KotOR dolls.

Banner Malak Banner Ania Revan Revan Malak Kiss Glomping Malak
Malak doll from the banner. Base from ILCK Ania doll from the banner. Base from ILCK Revan. Base from ILCK D'awww. Base by Shouri
Base from ThingyMaBob
Jedi Malak Jedi Ania Jedi Revan All three Sith Revan
Jedi Knight Malak. Base from ILCK Jedi Padawan Ania. Base from ILCK Jedi Knight Revan. Base from ILCK Group photo. Bases still from ILCK Darth Revan. Base from Xandorra's Place
Sith Malak
Yet another Malak, and finally one who doesn't look overly cute. Base from Wayuki's Place