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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Avatars
KotOR 1

Malak  Malak  Wangsty Malak  Not such a good idea  WTF?  Hmm...  Well, *shit*.  Well, *crap*.  Typical.  Bloody typical!  Carnival mask  Hermaphrodite  Androgynous Sith Lord  Huh?  Amnesia  Star Forge  

Avatar bases by Grrliz:

They say the Force can do terrible things to a mind...  Destroy the entire planet.  I believe I have succeeded in confusing him, Master.  Babbling fool  Can't hate you  How many Sith?  Hero  Holding Out  

KotOR 2: TSL

Avatar bases by Grrliz:

Awaken.  Heart of the Force  Death of the Force  Pretentious schutta  Nice Outfit  Nice Outfit

Totally KotOR

Avatared with permission.

Malak.  Pink side.  And he's evil!