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Rated PG  Lost - Malak fluff. First person and present tense, very unusually for me. I'm quite pleased with it, though I would appreciate feedback immensely.
Rated 14 Unresolved Sexual Tension - She's been in denial for nearly twenty years, and it's finally catching up with Revan. Set approx. 10 years after KotOR II.
Rated PG Holding Out - Revan waits in the Unknown Regions for her hero to arrive. But he doesn't seem to be coming...
Rated 14 Tanglefoot - Brianna came onto the Hawk for two reasons: to watch the Exile, and to find some way of capturing her unlikely companion. Yet seeing his heart as he fights is making her wonder if he is really quite as bad as Brianna's mistress claims. My entry for KFM's Dueling circle Challenge #22, 'Action'.
Rated PG Sith Disguises 101 - Inspired by the 'Are Guardians Stupid?' thread on the BioWare boards. Malak, washerwoman disguise. Must I elaborate?
Rated 14 Only Fools Fall In Love - Sion/Nihilus. It was doomed from the start, really, but hope is a powerful thing indeed...
Rated PG Pest Control - The Enclave has been under siege for a year. Orders are to kill the enemy wherever they are seen. Mere apprentices are sent out to fight the oncoming hordes. Ania isnít sure, though, whether Revanís strange Force experiments and Malakís dissection practice are really what the Council had in mind... it just doesnít seem fair.